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Street Hawk icons:
by dangelos_song (dangelos_song)
at July 1st, 2011 (06:07 am)


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Mackenzie [userpic]
Street Hawk video group @ YouTube
by Mackenzie (ice001)
at December 19th, 2006 (06:25 pm)

If you don't want to SEARCH for Street Hawk videos at YouTube, you can now just simplu go http://www.youtube.com/group/streethawk and you will find the videos from there :)

Happy Holidays to all!

Mackenzie [userpic]
Screenshots from "A Second Self"
by Mackenzie (ice001)
at January 21st, 2006 (08:47 pm)

Screenshots from the episode "A Second Self", where Jesse's old friend Kevin Stalker is played by George Clooney

Right this way



HERE are some screenshots too, but worse quality

Mackenzie [userpic]
Info about the motorcycle
by Mackenzie (ice001)
at January 21st, 2006 (08:43 pm)

Street Hawk - Code name of special top-secret undercover police unit created to handle difficult criminal cases and the name of a specially designed computer-assisted pursuit motorcycle on the police drama STREET HAWK/ABC/1985.

Behind the sun visor of the black crash helmet is the nerve center of the pursuit unit. As the rider looked ahead, he views a digital read out on the left hand corner of the visors interior which indicated speed and rpm.

The right side of the visor displays calibrated distance.

Directly below is a monocle targeting system and an infra-red detector and light amplification unit used for night fighting and bad weather conditions.

Anything the rider sees is transmitted to a central computer center monitored by Norman Tuttle (Joe Regalbuto), Street Hawk's inventor (he called it "My Baby") who offered tactical recommendations to Jesse Mach while he was on the fly.

Mounted on the front of bike is a high energy particle beam emitting a bright red laser ray. (In the TV movie, the ray was blue). It had two settings. Maximum charge stopped a ten-ton truck. Reduced power setting stunned/immobilized a suspect.

It also shot rubber slugs and later .50 caliber machine gun rounds.

The motorcycle also has a hyper-thrust mode which increased the bikes speed and vertical lift for jumping over objects.

The motorcycle maximum speed is 300 mph.

When pursued the Street Hawk could perform a 360 degree aerial flip which placed the bike directly behind its pursuer.

Street Hawk is programmed for only one rider-Jesse Mach. Anyone else attempting to mount the vehicle is given an electric shock

Mackenzie [userpic]
Street Hawk - Intro
by Mackenzie (ice001)
at January 21st, 2006 (08:38 pm)

You can view the show intro here

Have fun =)

Mackenzie [userpic]
Why didn't this show caught on?
by Mackenzie (ice001)
at January 21st, 2006 (08:31 pm)

Despite the show having a cult following, and a budget of $850,000 an episode, Street Hawk had a lot of problems, according to producer Burton Armus.

First was the bike itself, which was always in transition and constantly in need of repair. Producer Armus did not believe that the bike was the brute that it should have been. If the decision was up to him, Armus said that he would have preferred using a 1500cc Harley with full cowling, solid roll bars and additional armaments and weapons.

Another problem was the choice of Rex Smith to play Jesse Mach. Armus's view of Smith was that Smith was not 'dangerous enough' to be a series hero. Smith brought a sense of naivety and youthfulness to the Mach character, but he wasn't considered to be on the 'star' level that David Hasslehoff and Jan-Michael Vincent were with their portrayals of Michael Knight on Knight Rider and Stringfellow Hawke on Airwolf.

Other problems lay with the executive producers Robert Wolterstorff and Paul Belous and their inexperience at running a show. This inexperience led to line difficulties with the crew and one or two bad decisions. One example: due to production delays, an explosion was not filmed and, instead of removing the charges, Belous ordered the site be blown up without the safety measures in place. In the process the windows of a synagogue on Wilshire Blvd, and a high rise were blown out spewing shrapnel everywhere. When Street Hawk ended neither Belous or Wolterstorff were ever heard from again.

But the main problem perceived with the show was that it never caught on. In a world where shows like Airwolf and Knight Rider made their debuts there wasn't any room for Street Hawk. The show apparently came too little, too late, and was cancelled.

Mackenzie [userpic]
Mach's ID
by Mackenzie (ice001)
at January 21st, 2006 (08:29 pm)

Real Name: Jesse Mach

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Motorcycle cop, undercover federal agent

Affiliations: Norman Tuttle (ally, mechanic and scientist who created the bike, played by Joe Regalbuto), Marty (partner in the force, deceased)

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: Street Hawk #1 "Pilot" (ABC, 4th January 1985)

Powers/Abilities: Jesse is an excellent fighter and cop. The bike is bulletproof, as well as being extremely fast and maneuverable. It has a special "Hyperthrust" mode which allows it to accelerate rapidly to speeds well in excess of 200 miles an hour.

History: Jesse Mach had been a motorcycle cop until he was struck by a black truck while off duty; the same vehicle killed his partner too. Deemed unfit for active duty, he was reassigned to the Public Relations department, but he chaffed at being deskbound. Then he was approached by Norman Tuttle, a bookish federal agent and engineer who had designed a prototype super-bike, codenamed Street Hawk. Tuttle was looking for a rider to test the bike in real world conditions, and saw Jesse as the ideal man for the job. Jesse agreed to be the secret test driver, on condition that he also use the bike to solve the mystery behind the vehicle which had killed his friend and injured him. Afterwards Jesse continued to act as an undercover federal operative, taking on cases at Norman's behest.

Comments: Played by Rex Smith. The show lasted for 13 episodes:



This info was taken from International Hero

Mackenzie [userpic]
by Mackenzie (ice001)
at January 21st, 2006 (08:23 pm)

Hello and welcome to Street Hawk LJ community!

I hope we get at least some members to this group =D


To get the best info about this show, go here

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