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Mackenzie [userpic]
Info about the motorcycle
by Mackenzie (ice001)
at January 21st, 2006 (08:43 pm)

Street Hawk - Code name of special top-secret undercover police unit created to handle difficult criminal cases and the name of a specially designed computer-assisted pursuit motorcycle on the police drama STREET HAWK/ABC/1985.

Behind the sun visor of the black crash helmet is the nerve center of the pursuit unit. As the rider looked ahead, he views a digital read out on the left hand corner of the visors interior which indicated speed and rpm.

The right side of the visor displays calibrated distance.

Directly below is a monocle targeting system and an infra-red detector and light amplification unit used for night fighting and bad weather conditions.

Anything the rider sees is transmitted to a central computer center monitored by Norman Tuttle (Joe Regalbuto), Street Hawk's inventor (he called it "My Baby") who offered tactical recommendations to Jesse Mach while he was on the fly.

Mounted on the front of bike is a high energy particle beam emitting a bright red laser ray. (In the TV movie, the ray was blue). It had two settings. Maximum charge stopped a ten-ton truck. Reduced power setting stunned/immobilized a suspect.

It also shot rubber slugs and later .50 caliber machine gun rounds.

The motorcycle also has a hyper-thrust mode which increased the bikes speed and vertical lift for jumping over objects.

The motorcycle maximum speed is 300 mph.

When pursued the Street Hawk could perform a 360 degree aerial flip which placed the bike directly behind its pursuer.

Street Hawk is programmed for only one rider-Jesse Mach. Anyone else attempting to mount the vehicle is given an electric shock